Saturday, 2 April 2011

It's been an incredible tournament for the men in blue and finally they are here : the 2011 world cup final. After there loss to Australia in the 2003 world cup by a huge margin of 125 runs and the 2007 world cup where they did not even make it to quater finals. The srilankans on the other hand have been tough throught the tournament. They lost the 2007 world cup finals to australia due to gilchrist's brilliance with the bat.

                                          So,finally the moment is here the runners-ups of the 2003 and the 2007world cups face eachother in Mumbai to determine who has that extra bit in them to take it all. While the two wicket keeper captains Dhoni and Sangakarra are trying to outwit eachother.Dhoni on one side is a gambler who does things which are even wierd to the greatest of the captains and Sangakarra on the other side is a man of preparation  and methods ,he stands on his decisions in implenting them.

                                                    This match will determine the best team in the sub-continent and the balance of power which is tilting towards asia from the dominant australia..A cracker of a match expected to be played at mumbai , lets hope for the best.         

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